Lock Shot & Two Smoking Cameras


After the 15 year journey through the British Underworld,  Brian Anderson Britains top crime  Photojournalist, who was the  brainchild of the critically acclaimed book FACES, which also was the inspiration for the tv series on NETFLIX British Gangsters  1 and 2 seen by millions, now brings us his incredible  photographic talent in his first solo project on London's dark notorious underbelly over an incredible 10 year period.    Lock shot & Two Smoking Cameras brings you a unique insight for the whole of London gangland for the first time in history, Brian Andersons eye witness document on these individuals will leave you stunned. Gangland figures such as The Richardsons The Kray members,  1960s gang members, to hit men. The men that pulled the infamous pavement jobs to  modern day notorious figures from Essex, and all the  hard bastards in between .Brian Anderson has shot more gangsters than Al Capone, get ready for the greatest photographic book ever produced about London's dark Underbelly get ready for Lock Shot & Two Smoking Cameras it would be a crime not to own a copy  coming soon.

Amazing Photos which we will never see the likes again from FACES 

Sir Harry Benson 


Brian has one of the finest collection of photographs ever seen

Paul Ferris 

Incredible pictures how did he get such access 

Pete Doherty 


Cool as fuck - Brian is a mad genius 

Alan Mcgee 





From The Donnellys in Manchester!
Anthony donnelly ....Brian Anderson has a great eye for the perfect shot on camera , your not there all day waiting for a thousand shots , he's in your face and gone in minutes he knows what he wants and delivers in your expectations, old skool works every time for us with him



Bay City Rollers and Manager John McLaughlin

“His photographs are iconic and reminded me of the great pictures of the past – the classic shots of the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, Elvis, Bowie and the Beatles.

“The fact he is from Glasgow made it all the more important – that, and the fact that he is a big Rollers fan himself. Brian will be given the very top access and in his photographs, he has shown an ability to become ‘invisible’, which is something that we like.




'I dont like any cunt, Brian is one of the few exceptions'

Gerry Cinnamon 



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